How I Fell In Love With The Sea, Again

After more than 20 years since my last dive in Malaysia (1993), I thought I had hung up my fins and stowed away my diving paraphernalia for good. But in 2014, my family and I decided to visit the city of Manado, Indonesia for the first time.

Through a lack of research on our accommodation, we found ourselves checked into a boutique dive resort. What were we to do in a place that catered mainly to divers and friends of the sea? Well, we decided to beat the boredom and rejoin the dive community, of course! Not wasting any time, my wife had signed us up for a refresher course in diving. After 3 days of theory and practical dive lessons, I was Padi-Certified again and ready to return to the sea.

PADI-certified and ready to go!

Our first family dive took us to the bottom of the sea of the magnificent Bunaken Marine Conservation Site. Its crystal clear waters and vibrant colours was awe inspiring. I wanted to capture every moment of my time spent under water among the abundant marine life treasures.On my subsequent dive trip, my dive instructor introduced me to underwater photography. It didn’t take more than a few dives and photography sessions before I was hooked!

Smiling for the camera at the bottom of Bunaken Marine Conservation Site

Well, one thing led to another. The search for my very own compact camera – a Canon G16 – created the impetus for even more dives. Fast forward a few weeks, I procured a new underwater camera housing, strobes and yet another camera – the Canon G5X – and another housing, I was ready to take my underwater photography to the next level!

I wanted to capture every moment of my time spent under water among the abundant marine life treasures.

Truth be told, my learning journey in underwater photography has been met with a mix of emotions. I have experienced excitement, frustration as well as disappointment but at the end of the day, I continue to feel greatly inspired by what the oceans offer and the numerous images both good and not so good ! I’m pretty certain underwater photographers everywhere share my sentiments !

Barely two and a half years since I picked up diving again, my love for the seas and underwater photography has grown tremendously. I attribute this to my interest in love for nature and photography, a hobby of mine since my younger days, and my training in ecology and environmental science.

In my element and ever-ready to capture the moment

Through this blog, I hope to share with people of the same like mind who find interest in the wonders of the oceans. I truly believe that with more interest, there will be more care and concern for our oceans and the marine environment. Let us all do our part to protect and conserve our oceans and its inhabitants!


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