The Photograph – The Picture

In my last post, I touched on the topic of The Picture – The Story. In this second part on photography as an art form I will be touching on the photograph and the finished picture.


Photography as an art form does not always represent the truth but rather it seeks to represent the photographer’s perspective and his ways of presenting it as he sees it to support his statement. From the word go, the photographer’s perspective is determined to a greater extend from his selection of what to shoot, his composition of the photograph, what to manipulate in the pictures through digital editing to how he wants to the present the picture.

To do this we need to begin with the end in mind. So planning in advance is a prerequisite. We need to think of what we want the picture to be or the photos we want or need to take. We need to list the small and large details to be part of the final picture. What will be the central theme ? What is the point of interest? What is the statement we want to make?

Once the above is established we need to think of the composition. The artist in us will help determine the photos we need to take for the final picture. However, we still need to be mindful of the rules of composition, like rules of third, diagonal flow, good use of negative space, good contrast between background and foreground and  horizontal line and intersection where lines crossed.

With this process and steps in place, we will then be ready to embark on this project to take the photographs to make the final picture for our story or our statement !

Enjoy the process and the journey!IMG_0082 3


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