Lembeh Sea Dragon appears to be entering the tunicate

Lembeh Sea Dragon -“Swollen-Thread Fish” Discovered In 2006!

Underwater photographers are fond of challenges and always looking for unusual and difficult to find marine creatures and often the tiniest of marine critters ! The Lembeh Sea Dragon is one marine critter that is both unusual and difficult to … Continue reading Lembeh Sea Dragon -“Swollen-Thread Fish” Discovered In 2006!

Indonesian Coelacanth -Rajah Laut (Sea King)

Indonesian Coelacanth is a huge historic find.
This fish was thought to be extinct about 65 million years ago !
Now there is a second population. Here in the Bunaken Marine Park, Manado. At depth of 150 m to 200 m. Continue reading Indonesian Coelacanth -Rajah Laut (Sea King)